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How Range Can Help Libraries Connect Kids to Summer Meals


"But not all libraries have the capacity to serve summer meals. This is where Range, a mobile app created by Caravan Studios (a division of TechSoup), comes in to help. Range helps youth and those who work with them find locations where free summer meals are served."

App that Locates Summer Meals Aims to Include Libraries


"Caravan Studios, which created Range, has kicked off an Indiegogo campaign to raise $10,000 that’s running until the end of May. Funds will underwrite the research and work needed to input the addresses, days, and hours of the 17,000 or so public libraries across the country where students can go during the summer."


Insight, inspiration, and intel: what governmental open data offers for entrepreneurs of all kinds


"Caravan Studios CEO Marnie Webb says, “Technology can be very useful in illuminating issues. Technology can help with data analysis, visualizations, making facts available, which can be useful for advocacy, for decision making, for education."


When Change Is In Range: New Mobile App Connects School Kids With Summer Meals 


"Summer meals for young people who might go hungry when school’s not in session – a simple problem in communities where hunger is common, and poverty endemic, right? Turns out it’s not so easy: even in a society as wealthy as the United States, only one in seven children eligible for free or subsidized school lunches during the academic year accesses summer meals."


Libraries Needed to Host Summer Meal Programs.

Here’s How to Help. 


"Built in response to the low number of kids who access free summer meals is Range, a mobile app. Created with support from Microsoft Corporate Citizenship, Range can be downloaded by anyone with a smartphone (Windows, Android, and iOS) to find where and when summer meals are served nationwide."

"The Illinois Summer Feeding Program is taking advantage of a new app to promote awareness of summer meal programs for children.


The Illinois program is part of a nationwide effort to feed children during the summer. Paul Morello of the Greater Chicago Food Depository said it is administered at the state level by the Illinois Board of Education and sponsored by several groups, including GCFD."



"While most apps these days are all about entertainment, news and other types of information for personal use, I recently learned about new application that could be useful for anti-hunger advocates and for recipients of food assistance. This free mobile app, called Range, allows a person to locate the nearest time and place for school age youth to get a free meal during the summer time. The number of summer meal sites has increased significantly in New Mexico in recent years."

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