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Where to find summer meal sites


USDA Summer Meals Site Finder


“Food” to 877-877




2024 update:
Range no longer has meal site information

As of May 20, 2024, the Range app will no longer be supported or updated. If you have Range on your phone, you will not be able to find meal site information anywhere. We recommend you delete the Range mobile app from your phone.

View RangeApp website pdf

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Why the change?


Since 2015, the Range app has helped families find where free summer meals are served when school is out across the US. This decision to no longer support the app was difficult for our team, who have been passionately advocating to make finding free summer meals easier for families. We didn’t take this move lightly. What follows are the prevailing factors that influenced our decision. We wrote more about this and our experiences on Medium.

1. The technology requires upgrades to continue operating.

2.  Lack of funding to upgrade and update the technology.

3.  Methods for finding meal sites have expanded.

Food Packaging

Our commitment to addressing hunger


Since launching Range, we've contributed to and led a variety of projects that focus on issues related to food insecurity. If you’re interested in collaborating with us on a project–either one listed below or something that’s new to us–please get in touch.


  • TechSoup’s Data Commons for Civil Society: use public data and visualizations to inform decisions or bolster narratives about food security in the U.S.

  • TechSoup Quad: if you work in food security, consider becoming a member of TechSoup Quad. Quad is a community space that TechSoup hosts to convene nonprofits around common issues and shared solutions. In the Food Security Quad, you can ask questions, learn from your peers, attend a virtual event, and feel like you’re less alone. Here’s how to become a member. 

We’ve learned a lot over the years, and one thing is for sure: we are committed to helping people access food. Please join us with your ideas or questions at Caravan Studios, a division of TechSoup.


Learning through Data


Our learning continues through the data we’ve organized and visualized. This particular map shows sites opening and closing over the summer of 2016. Pinpointing the peak number of meal sites and observing their eventual closings was of interest to us year after year. What is useful or interesting to you?


Thanks to our collaborators


From the conversations that inspired and improved Range, to the labor that spurred outreach and support, we are so thankful to the community of people and organizations that made Range possible. Here is a short list of the many organizations and individuals that made a particular imprint on the Range app. 

  • Why Hunger for helping us understand the Summer Meal Service Program and the data that powered meal site findability.

  • Public librarians for expanding the number of sites across the country and for making sure communities can find and access food resources.

  • Pennsylvania Department of Education for tirelessly promoting Range as a resource for families, and for being so generous with your time and perspectives.

  • JayStack (One Beyond): for your benevolence and commitment to contributing pro bono resources that built Range.

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