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If you have a question not answered below, please get in touch with us and we’ll answer it the best we can.


Q.My organization provides summer meals. How do I get my site listed in Range?

A. The sites in Range are provided by the USDA. Your state coordinators submit site information to the USDA from all registered organizations. If you have already submitted your information to your state coordinator, there is nothing more for you to do.



Q. I operate a site and I submitted my information to my state coordinator but I don't see it listed in Range.

A. That's not what's supposed to happen. Send us a note and we'll work out the details with you.




Q. When I send sites to someone via email or text will they have my email address or phone number?

A. No. We don't don't share any personal information with anyone. We use third party services SendGrid and Twillio to manage sending messages which means that your email address and phone number are not exposed and the phone number and email address you send to are not stored on your phone.



Q. Last week I found a nearby site and this week that same site isn't showing up. What happened?

A. Range shows you current information for open sites. Sites operate differently, and that particular site likely stopped serving meals, which is why it didn't appear for you.



Q. Does Range cost me money?

A. Range is free to download. Because email and text messages in Range use third party services, you are not charged for use. However, depending on your phone plan, you may have data charges on your phone bill associated with using Range, similar to what you might have when using any mapping application on your phone.



Q. If Range doesn't cost me money, how do you have enough money to build and operate it?

A. We received a grant from Microsoft Citizenship to support the development of Range. We are continuing to seek funding to support this summer's effort and to improve future versions of Range. If you would like to contribute, we welcome you support. You can donate here, just write "Range" in the text field.



Q. I'm looking at the red Range screen, and nothing is happening. What gives?

A. This happens sometimes if your phone is trying to connect to a wi-fi network and it needs a password to do so. Make sure your phone is connected to a wi-fi network or your mobile network first, then start Range. All should be well.



Q. Why can’t I modify the text message or email message before I send it using Range?

A. We need to ensure that Range always complies with the acceptable use policies of Twilio and SendGrid and with the Range privacy policy. We also want to ensure that Range is used for its intended purpose: to direct youth to free meals this summer. For that reason, the messages you send about free meal sites cannot be altered in any way.



Q. I live outside the US. Can I use Range?

A. In this version, you can find sites only in the US and US territories. If you know of datasets in other countries that would extend Range into other countries, please get in touch with us.



Q. How do I know Range is displaying reliable and safe information?

A. We receive data from the USDA, which collects data from the 50 US states and territories. This information is valid and protected by agreements between those organizations and the sites listed.



Q. I tried to send a text message to a friend using Range and I received a failure message. What happened?

A. Most likely the recipient of your message texted STOP in response to a previous message. This means that they blocked messages from Range. To start receiving messages again, the recipient must text START to 1-(415)- 23RANGE or 1- (415) 237-2643.



Q. I sent an email to someone using Range, but they didn’t receive it. What happened?

A. Ask the recipient to look in their junk or spam folder for an email from "" If they didn't receive an email from us, they should see if the domain is blocked by their email program or network administrator. Alternatively, it is possible that they clicked on the unsubscribe link in a previous message.



Q. I'd love to share site information with youth who visit my library, but I don't use my cell phone at work. Is there a desktop version?

A. You can find site information on your desktop by searching for summer meals on​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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